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Who we are about

Amazing D Ranch is about the autistic population that other organizations are not equipped to assist.


1 out of 36 people are born with autism, 62% of those people are males.  (Autism Speaks).  68% of people with autism have been aggressive to a caregiver, with 49% to someone else.  (Sparks)

“It is estimated 40% of people with autism are nonverbal”, 31% find daily function a challenge, 28% have self-injurious behaviors such as head banging, arm biting, and skin scratching.”  90% of deaths are due to wandering or bolting by the year 14. (Autism Speaks)

They can be unruly, and hard to control.   They act out because they do not have the words to say what is on their mind.


Because of all this, they are left out.  They are left out of receiving education.  They are left out of growing as a person.  They are left out of a life of their choosing.  Amazing D Ranch will come around these people to help them find their voice and the life they want. 

"Your body is like a prison and you don't know how to find a way out.  Since you cannot express your thoughts, only you know that you are intellectually intact." Ido Kedar, Ido in Austimland

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