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The staff we will need as a Type A Facility

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Behavioral Analyst

We will need a consulting behavior analyst to staff, including case conceptualization behavioral assessments, designing of treatments and teaching plans, and data collection.  Complete frequent integrity assessments to ensure fidelity of implementation of behavior intervention plans.  They will comply with monthly supervision requirements.

Nurse's Aide

In Texas, Amazing D Ranch will be classified as a Type A Facility because of the type of clients will assist.  We will need a nurse's aide 24/7 to administer medication and provide basic nursing duties.  They will be in charge of the care plans for daily living for assigned residents. They will support residents during mealtimes; monitor residents' inputs, outputs, vitals, weights, behavior, safety, and any other changes as planned. They will be part of activities and appointments outside the ranch.

House Caregiver

Our clients will need one on one care in comparison to other facilities.  We only need to have one nurse aide, we can hire other people with a big heart to see a change in the autism world for the ones with behavioral issues.   We will need people who will care for and supervise the residents daily.  They will provide positive role models.  They will be responsible for offering guidance from material, physical, spiritual, emotional, and disciplinary needs as a parent would.  They will need the ability to follow schedules and keep up with paperwork for grants.



Volunteers and Interns will be essential for the success of Amazing D Ranch.  They will be needed to fill in the gaps as we grow.  They can help with community socializing, equine therapy, work programs, and ranching.  We would like interns to assist with research papers and grants.  Amazing D Ranch will assist with interns' needs while they work with the ranch.



We will need a dietician on board to complete any initial nutrition assessments to help keep our clients healthy to prevent diabetes, obesity, etc.  Some diets such as gluten-free and casein-free diets have been helpful to some people.  We would like someone knowledgeable about diet and its effects on the body to assist with writing research papers, and grants in this area.  They will reassess nutritional needs on an ongoing basis, update treatment plans, and effectively communicate recommendations to staff, family, and clients.


Ranch Hand

ADR will need a person to oversee the operations of the ranch land and livestock.  They will coordinate with the house staff for work programs and equine therapy.  They will be in charge of the maintenance and upkeep of the entire property, house, and equipment.  This position will grow into a management position as the ranch grow, where they will assist with budgets, hiring and training of ranch staff, and scheduling volunteers, interns, and staff outside of the house. 


Bookkeeper/Office Assistant

This staff member will report directly to the Executive Director.  Amazing D Ranch will need someone to develop and manage financial and operational reports to support the organization's financial reporting needs to grantors, lenders, or donors.  In addition assist the Executive Director with families, answering phones, preparing grant calendars,   

Executive Diector

This position develops an environment of growth for staff and clients while managing the overall operations of the ranch, and home.  They will increase the effectiveness of the ranch by recruiting, selecting, orienting, training, coaching, counseling, and disciplining managers, communicating values, strategies, and objectives, assigning accountabilities, planning, monitoring, and appraising job results; developing incentives, and developing opportunities for education.  As well as strategic planning for funding and producing income for the sustainability of the ranch.

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